Der er så meget fyrværkeri til salg –
men hvad skal du vælge?

Indlæg skrevet : 20. december 2017

The selection is large and there are so many different fireworks for sale. Here you get our top three of the fireworks you just have to have for your New Year’s party! At BombeBrian we have a huge range and here we give you our top three of the fireworks that we think are the must-haves of the year.

In the video you can see part of the large range that you can get from BombeBrian.

Rockets and other fireworks for sale

There are many large rockets for sale, and you can choose to spend all your money on fireworks to impress your friends or your neighbours. You can also avoid spending all the money on New Year’s gunpowder, but still impress friends and neighbors with the super cool Skull rocket package in size XXL, which you can buy from BombeBrian.

In the package you get 10 super cool bomber rockets in many colors and effects – and the price is nothing to talk about.

Large packages of fireworks for sale

Have you ever been disappointed by the contents of a package of fireworks? That time is over with this Big Box, which contains a lot of good fireworks. The pack contains a handful of rockets as well as bomber rockets.

A New Year’s Eve calls for some nice batteries with lots of shots, and in the package you get a total of five pieces that are guaranteed to be a hit. If you haven’t yet found the fireworks for sale that you want to buy, check out this Big Box package at BombeBrian.

Fireworks for sale for the whole family

New Year’s Eve is a celebration for the whole family, and therefore the children should not be cheated of their New Year’s gunpowder. There are fireworks for sale that you can safely let your children use for New Year’s. Banging beads, howling witches and stuffed dogs are always a hit with the children.

At BombeBrian we have lots of fireworks for sale for juniors.